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San Jacinto College EMS students support E-Color curriculum development

Almost a year ago to the day we had the opportunity thanks to Kristine Kern of San Jacinto College in Houston, to share the E-Colors and Personal Intervention with her EMS students.

In November, they came to a two-day Equilibria in Health Care Leadership Clinic and today we were back together again as they were given the opportunity to create and deliver vignettes around EQiHC's actionable intelligence tools and applications.

Humbling, exciting and groundbreaking is the best way to describe what we were privileged to witness today. A huge thanks to Sylvia Gallegos, Dr. Jeff Feltzer, who is taking the lead in Equilibria in Health Care, new EQ member Kim Sturgis, leaders from Memorial Hermann who all joined us to be part of this remarkable event. Obrigado and thanks to Daniela and Kathryn for their tireless support.

To all the EMS students who were there today: THANK YOU for who you are, what you do and the inspiring experience you provided us today. Kristine Kern - YOU win the Oscar!

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