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Quick Resources for Health Care Professionals to Help with COVID-19

Download information for you to communicate with different patient personalities, manage stress, and manage conflict.

Equilibria, an international leader in Organizational Performance, Personality Diversity and Error Reduction is offering its expertise to hospitals and healthcare professionals to help deal with the significant challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These simple tools will immediately be able to be used to deliver better patient experiences and outcomes while reducing the toll and stress to staff members working in this highly pressurized work environment over long hours.

Intentional Communication Card for Health Care Professionals – Printable guide for patient interactions leveraging personality diversity during COVID-19 response

Conflict Resolution Protocol – Printable card for use when potential conflict arises, especially during times of crisis. Double-sided and includes the Intentional Communication Card for Health Care Professionals.

How Stress Impacts Me - Printable card for appreciating how different personalities are impacted by stress

Use these tools to provide people with what they need, the way they need it. This should reduce time, energy and the frustration levels by all parties. To download the files, please click on the links.

Not everyone manages stress, thinks or acts the same. We all have different communication styles and behavioral tendencies - this includes clinicians and patients. Based on personality and survey data from over 750,000+ people, we developed a quick guide to help you:

• Spot verbal and body language hints about someone’s personality tendencies

• Recommendations on how to meet those needs

• Appreciate how different personalities are impacted by stress

Let us know how we can help.

Our team of Personality Diversity and crisis management experts are here to support your team. We offer custom coaching solutions, virtual workshops and provide tools to help health care providers drive performance, work together, reduce burnout, manage stress, resolve conflict and decrease medical errors.

Reach out to us to schedule a free consultation or introductory coaching call.

To learn how your personality impacts your stress and communication tendencies, click here to discover your E-Colors with our Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI).

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