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Join us at Cowboy Solution on April 4th in Houston!

Register today to attend Equilibria in Health Care's Intentional Communication Workshop at Cowboy Solution on Saturday, April 4th.

Learn about personality diversity through hands on interactions with horses and others.

World renowned personality diversity equestrian coach, Don Hutson, and his team, will provide an introduction to the E-Colors and actionable intelligence you can take back to your personal and professional lives.

Cowboy Solution will be held just outside of Houston in Richards, Texas. The day will start at 9:00 am CT. Learners of all ages are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothes and close-toed shoes. Breakfast and lunch will be provided with your registration.

To reserve your spot, please register here.


21978 Bays Chapel Road

Richards, Texas 77873

To learn more about Cowboy Solution, visit our page here.

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