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Specialized Solutions for Health Care

Solutions for Patient Safety & Satisfaction

Not everyone thinks and acts the same. We all have different communication styles and behavioral tendencies - this includes clinicians and patients.

Equilibria’s solutions help all healthcare providers, management, and leadership teams drive performance, safety and satisfaction through better communication. 


Our custom consulting and coaching services promote streamlined workflows and positive change management to enable better communication. Equilibria’s education and tools enable providers to tap into the skills, competencies, expertise and experience of each member of the care team. This enables each person to feel valued and open to communications with others for better outcomes. 

We help individuals and organizations leverage personality diversity to elevate performance and achieve common goals through better collaboration by:

  • Increasing Patient Satisfaction   

  • Improving Staff Retention

  • Communication and Teamwork

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Safety and Risk Management

  • Error Reduction

  • Leadership and Engagement

  • Influencing Commitment

Specialized Solutions for your Field

Since 2004, Equilibria has helped over 700,000 individuals across the globe leverage personality diversity for intentional communication and care. We understand you patients and your pain points. Our team offers specialized coaching and consulting services that fit your practice and your patients. 

Our team of health care veterans has experience delivering meaningful and lasting communication results for clinicians, First Responders, office staff, hospital systems, educators, insurance providers and other medical personnel.


Equilibria in Health Care will work with your team to build a plan that fills your gaps, fits your needs and business objectives. 

By operating through the lenses of our personality diversity technology, it enhances performance, coordination and increases proficiency.

Actionable Intelligence Protocols

Through the instinctual lenses of our personality, we often struggle to effectively communicate with our team and our patients.  At Equilibria in Health Care, we enable your team to succeed through enhanced understanding of one's self, team and patients by teaching them our Actionable Intelligence Protocols.


These Protocols will give your teams the ability to:


1.  Become self, team and patient aware through Personal Intervention.

2.  Stay rooted in the Vision and Mission.

3.  Exercise PTR (Pause Task Responsibility) to give every team member the ability to professionally have a voice when something does not look or feel right.

4.  Understand how proper messaging is essential to providing care (Verbal, Vocal, Visual)

5.  Engage in body language Mirroring when appropriate to help with effective messaging.

6.  Become Leaders in Diversity and Inclusion.

7.  Run morning and Periodic meetings proficiently and efficiently to reduce errors.

8.  Navigate Conflict successfully.

9.  Run daily Review of Errors to eradicate repeated mistakes.

10.Learn to communicate information of a difficult nature correctly.

11.Effectively prepare a planned Engagement Checklist before an interaction.

12.Continue to pursue Improvement through Learning.

8 Essential Vital Signs for High Performance

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