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E-Colors and Personal Intervention Pocket Book
The E-Colors and Personal Intervention book is an excellent resource for those who want to learn more about personality diversity. As people living in social environments, we encounter different personality styles in our day-to-day interactions. How you interact with, communicate with and influence others determines your level of success and satisfaction in life. Our personality diversity tools, captured within this guide, allow you to be intentional about your interactions and deliberately plan the positive outcomes you want to achieve both individually and within a team, organization and community. In this guide, you will learn about our core personality diversity tools, the E-Colors, and Personal Intervention.

The E-Colors process helps to identify different personality styles, which enables people to better understand themselves and others. It leads to a heightened awareness that we do not all think and act the same and that we all have different communication styles and behavioral tendencies. The understanding of the richness of personality diversity and the management of our tendencies through Personal Intervention are basic principles that enhance individual, team and organizational performance.

When you purchase this book, you will have access to the following resources:

•Equilibria’s background - the company that developed the E-Colors, a globally recognized personality diversity indicator with a focus on application, and Personal Intervention, an accessible and very effective self-management tool.
•The difference between personality and character.
•An introduction to Equilibria's core tools.
•The basics of the E-Colors.
•The E-Colors ethics.
•The basic elements of Personal Intervention.
•A breakdown of the 12 E-Colors Combinations, key elements, and descriptors.
•Effective forms of recognition for different personality styles.
•Recommendations for success when working with different personality styles.
•Strategies to engage in listening for different personality styles.
•How to delegate to different personality styles.
•Natural leadership tendencies and behaviors of different personalities.
•Natural communication tendencies of different personality styles.
•8 Essentials – A model for high-performance teams consisting of eight interdependent elements.
•Planned Engagement Checklist – An excellent checklist to follow to achieve intentional outcomes in your engagements with others.

E-Colors & Personal Intervention: Pocket Book - Kindle Edition

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